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In New Releases on febbraio 10, 2021 at 3:05 PM

Hallo everyone, thanks to Igor Bezget, I’ve recently dig up an old recording we made in 2005.
Me, Igor and Milan Nikolic have met in Maribor in the previous summer, attending a workshop led by Reggie Workman and other great guys.
We managed to organize a small tour in Italy during wintertime and so we finally ended spending some fabulous days together, rehearsing a lot, talking, dreaming, eating as satraps, drinking silos of coffee and driving here and there, across the foggy northern italian flat land.
At some point, during a conversation someone of us said enthusiastic “Nothing can stop us!”, but just at the same time our car was obliged to stop by a traffic red light, we laughed at it and, more down to earth, find out this nutshell: nothing can stop us… but the red light.
In order to fill the blank, we decided to record the music we were playing on those gigs, exploiting a day off ; so we did, it happened at Catsound Studio. A CD its title was at hand.

After 16 years here it is, with its mixed bouquet of naïveté, energy and wrinkles around the eyes.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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