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Animor Homecoming

In News on settembre 4, 2020 at 1:59 PM

It’s been a warm loving feeling being back on stage with Romina Kalsi.
We’ve been through a few years of cooperation inside Rocky Wood, sharing together smokey vans, sandwiches on the highway, boozes, goose bumps, beauty and breakdowns, than -after the storm- our road temporarily splitted. I can’t say I was happy that way, though unavoidable.

We’ve met recently to bring on stage some of her music she’s been working on in the last years with Tobias Granbacka. With him on keyboards, Daniel Fagerudd on guitar and Eve Lucchini on bass we’ve recorded the following concert in the TV show “Tropical Club”. With only a few hours of rehearsale and a completely new band to put together I think we did a pretty good job.
You may agree or not, anyway I’m happy I’ve been there by her side.

TV show with music (between interviews):

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