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Defero Deferring Toolilatumferre

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It takes time, I’m scannering  folders, recordings, sheets spread around every corner of this house.
Sometimes I get confused, sometimes it’s embarassing, sometimes it is not crap.

The only positive side of having little published music is  being surprised at how much intact music lies  in my archives. Maybe it has to do with  hysteria and the deferral of pleasure. Or only with the inability to play just decent guitar or  piano.


from 2014 to 2015

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This last and just closed year has been busy of exciting things happened:  releases, concerts and recordings of new music some of wich is going to be published across 2015.
Living and working with smart, creative, crazy , funny and passionate people is a blessing or – to put it in more down to earth words- a real luck. I thank all friends and collegues I’ve spent this time with.

As my Bar Tritolo gets ready for a few concerts to be announced in the next close months
I care to promote the upcoming release of a long lasting and beloved trio with delicious musicians and very good friends Giulio Corini and Francesco Bigoni.
Libero Motu’s third chapter will be out soon on vinyl and digital according to the fresh partnership production of El Gallo Rojo and Auand Records.

Libero Motu 3rd Chapter

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January has gone attending last details on Bar Tritolo’s debut cd mix and playing some gigs with Bar Tritolo itself, Stefano Senni’s Eraserheads, and Patrizia Laquidara‘s band.
Plus, after five years since last time, the long time running trio Libero Motu, led by bassist Giulio Corini, has just spent this last day and 1/2 in studio recording some new music: Francesco Bigoni on sax and clarinet as needed.
Sotto il Mare Studio is a great place to work in and Luca Tacconi’s audio recording touch made it even better.
We put together some new compositions of ours and improvised a little lot, we hope to share this music with you soon.
Birthday is coming and I have a rare smile on my face, thank you buddies.

Here some pics.

coffee break with Luca

coffee break with Luca

Under The Sea (it's the name of the studio)

Under The Sea (it’s the name of the studio)


Francesco Bigoni – Nelide Bandello – Giulio Corini

Bar Tritolo in studio

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bar tritolo recording session2

I’m probably quoting the wrong song but against all odds (cancelled gigs, self locking car fuel doors, delayed trains, fires on the freeway…) the trio finally entered the recording studio and broiled some tracks.
Here you can see some evidences though you might be kind and wait a couple of extra months to be able to hear some of our music. In the picture below: Andrea Cajelli showing his time/space surfing skills. The guy has some talent.

bartritolo recording session1

A bit of “El dìa de los muertos” showcase concert

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An excerpt from a collective performance at TPO Bologna, showcasing the 50th cd of El Gallo Rojo Records catalogue, a special issue, crowdfunded by nice supporters.

Here playing a composition of mine titled “Più basso di così non posso” from cd “El dìa de los muertos”

On stage:
Giulio Corini, Danilo Gallo, Stefano Senni: basses
Achille Succi: bass clarinet
Francesco Bigoni: clarinet
Piero Bittolo Bon: alto clarinet
Beppe Scardino: baritone sax
Alfonso Santimone: el. piano
Enrico Terragnoli: guitar
Nelide Bandello: composition, mild conduction

Andrea Ayace Ayassot + Nelide Bandello

In Things Done on maggio 4, 2013 at 9:11 pm

A.A. Ayassot is a underrated talent of sax and hermitage.

Here we handle  a simple tune he wrote.

E.Maniscalco-“From Time To Time” Quartetto al Teatro delle Ali di Breno (BS) 16.03.13

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Leibniz Live @Interzona : “A”

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