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Spring & Sprouts

In News on aprile 27, 2018 at 4:43 pm

Hey, it’s been a long time, let’s come out.

In these last months I’ve been home recording some music alone: sketches, small pieces, ideas as I always did. The only difference is this time I’m using something more than vocal memos on the phone (meaning zany Garage Band by the way) and I’m going to spread this music to friends.
All my band-no-leader projects are (temporarily?) shut down, picking up the guitar at night and playing whatever comes out has become my only creative burrow. I also resort to bass, some “voices”, drums or tiny percussions and cheap midi shit.
I’m not interested in re-playing parts that I lay down on the spot, to record a better version of them, almost everything will be quite unpolished, undeveloped and largely naif. But it’s what I’m  able to do, just the attempt to express my true simple pleasure of time spending and hopefully share it.
I feel if I’d change stuff to make it better I’d deny the meaning of time wich is to be there and disappear. Time would be meaningless, as it probably is, but I would not exist, yes, that scares me still.
I’ve exceptionally asked a couple of good friends help for extraordinary reasons, I’ll tell you more about it.
Let me know (privately) if you may be intrigued, I’ll print some very few copies.


Rocky Wood EP “Ok, No Wait” is out

In New Releases, News on ottobre 6, 2017 at 8:53 am

Well, time has come for our EP to officially come out, CD, LP and digital.
On The Camper Records is releasing it and we are very proud of it, it took some time and a lot of sorrow to shape it,  finish it, share it, but we guess you’ll like it as we do.
We dedicate this work to our beloved friend Cajo in the sky with sperm whales.
And goddamn is way too weak and formal.

Order the new EP “Ok, No Wait” on Vinyl/CD >>> HERE <<<

These are going to be our next shows:

  • Nov 01  Bar3000  – Zürich, Switzerland
  • Nov 02  Supersonic  – Paris, France
  • Nov 03 MDA – Tinqueux, France
  • Nov 04  Bar Le Grattoir  – Gerardmer, France
  • Nov 05  L’International  – Paris, France
  • Nov 07 Club Ambassador @ Secret Place – Verona, Italy
  • Nov 08  Twiggy Cafe  – Varese, Italy
  • Nov 09  Circolo Turba  – Lugano, Switzerland
  • Nov 10  MONO Bar  – Locarno, Switzerland
  • Nov 11  Mauz  – Einsiedeln, Switzerland
  • Nov 22  Studio 2 RSI Lugano/Besso  – Lugano, Switzerland
  • Nov 23  Radio RSF 3 – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Nov 24  Bad Bonn – Düdingen, Switzerland




El Gallo Rojo Disbands

In News on giugno 24, 2017 at 11:46 am

With 12 years of history and 70 albums, El Gallo Rojo collective represents – even across the Italian border – a virtuous example of artistic self-management. It has fostered human and musical interactions, hosting courageous musical works, exposing a non-mannerist creative jazz scene and gathering significant approval from critics, musical peers and audience. It has channelled a colourful and free scene, otherwise confined by an Italian music market which is often fossilized on its own certainties.

Now El Gallo Rojo disbands and this experience comes to an end. We are very proud of our common path and of the tracks we have left. A heartfelt thanks to them who have supported and followed us in all these years. We will surely meet again, confronting the unknowns of the future with the usual curiosity.
Our catalogue stays available digitally (on Please get in touch with the single artist if you want physical copies.

Nelide Bandello
Francesco Bigoni
Piero Bittolo Bon
Giulio Corini
Zeno De Rossi
Danilo Gallo
Alfonso Santimone
Stefano Senni
Dimitri Sillato
Massimiliano Sorrentini
Achille Succi
Enrico TerragnoliEGR.jpg

Shooting Turmeric At The Spa

In News on marzo 31, 2017 at 1:49 pm
Somebody asks me what am I doing with life and music, basically when I say “somebody” I just mean my dad, who will be delighted to have the chance to practice English reading.
I saw some friends riding their bicycles and disappearing behind the top of the hill.
I’ve left some ash along the path, where I’ve been cooking with my camping drumpot as of late, I hope you’ll find clues through your web journeys, if you weren’t there at the right time.
Among them  a very nice tour with Veronica Marchi who recently received a ray of fully deserved public light and the sweet Maddalena Fasoli. 
I had a special concert with Andrea Ayassot Quartet (him+eat the worm), this guy is amazing, but too serious for this world;
fresh impros with the spontaneous RB3, the elegiac Trio Immaginario than the frightening dance of the emptiness on the ice floor of Roberto Frassini Moneta’s About Silence. 
More recently I’ve been recording some drum tracks for two different projects that I’m looking forward to listen to and talk about,  can’t say much more now. 
But the main topic of last months is of course my first electric guitar which I’m really enjoying, mostly late at night.
If you see some picture of me shooting turmeric as a drug : it’s just a way to answer to some minus habentes living in Varese or anywhere else.

Rocky Wood new single and recordings

In News on dicembre 19, 2016 at 3:21 pm

While our sweet band finally meets again at the Sauna studio to complete recordings of the upcoming EP (to be released by On the Camper Records) we also have a delicious Christmas present for you all: Bail Out, the opening single,  formerly recorded by  the same Andrea Cajelli, is out, free for you on Bandcamp and on Youtube  with its evocative videoclip.

Enjoy !

My Thanksgiving

In News on novembre 18, 2016 at 12:14 pm

First time I saw a drum set was at my dear friend Silvana’s, where we used to hang, a handful of teens. A minimal kit was settled in the middle of the room she shared with her older brother. I didn’t know him except for hearsay or pictures but  I knew he was a drummer.
Though he (Emilio) was never home none of us kids  ever dared to touch his drums.
Until once, at noon, I was shortly left alone in the room and felt attracted and so curious about that thing… so I sat  on the wooden stool – I swear -my arms crossed, without touching anything, almost deferential and quite confused; suddenly the door opened and Emilio stepped in.
I froze, I shouldn’t have been there, I was cought!
That panic thrill vanished as soon as that older boy –even older than my older brother- talked to me like this: “What’s up, do you like that? Want to try? Let me show you how”. He meant how to play “Rock 1”, wich seemed actually very easy but  my coordination failed anyway and I felt so ashamed and clumsy and I istantly left.
Later, at home, I tried again and again, slower, hands on lap, stomping my foot…

After a few weeks Emilio lent me a couple of old drums, a pair of sticks, then he taught me rudiments, rhythmic reading, writing drum scores, gave me copies of his fusion records,  drove me to the first electric jazz concert of my life and, after I earned some money, took me to buy a real drum kit, used but so beautiful. He took such a good care of me, than he patted me on the shoulder and said “It’s time to go”: I grew up and I was supposed to walk a different path.
But I did not, instead.
Many years went by, I’m still here, my life has changed forever.
I can’t explain about wideness and depth of gratitude I feel to Emilio Pizzocoli,
I owe him love and such many meanings.

Bar Tritolo mini tour

In News on settembre 26, 2016 at 2:53 pm

Bar Tritolo is back with a fist of new tunes for four small venues gigs:

30/9 Barazzo – Bologna

1/10 Il Posto Castello – Illasi (VR)

2/10 Osteria Alla Cerva -Vittorio Veneto (TV)

3/10 Osteria ai Kankari – Mira (VE)


Mahler Project

In News on luglio 31, 2016 at 11:39 pm

I’m looking forward to take my seat in Michael Lösch’s new vessel,
the expedition is dedicated to Gustav Mahler and inspired by some of his lieders contained in  Des Knaben Wunderhorn .
In the plot (“Der Tamboursg’sell” ) the drummer boy faces a very tough fate so, if you believe in something, pray for the drummer boy on the throne;
you may consider a nice journey on the Alps to come listen what we can make out of it.

This is the line up:

Michael Lösch: organ, piano, conduction
Matthias Schriefl: trumpet
Florian Bramböck: alto sax
Helga Plankensteiner: baritone sax
Vine Abbracciante: accordeon
Stefano Colpi: double bass
Enrico Merlin: live electronics
Nelide Bandello: drums
Concert will be in the place shown below, Grand Hotel Toblach,
august 7th, at 6 p.m.

Eclectic Summer

In News on luglio 1, 2016 at 11:36 am

Coming from a recent and very enjoyed debut concert with a new project by EMANUELE MANISCALCO with  CLAUS HØJENSGÅRD on trumpet. I hope we’ll be able to take this band on tour a little and let it grow.  To fulfill this purpose any help from you will be strongly apreciated.

In the while I’ll be busy trying to keep my eclecticism up to its usual  standard,  so this is just to let you know a few upcoming things I’m going to be involved in during next weeks:

7.7  Paolo Bacchetta’s Egon @ Jazz On The Road in Brescia
10.7 Flying Padres the comeback @ Marina Romea
14.7 Reggaedoompa @ tba VR
15.7  with Lorenzo Conte & Giancarlo Bianchetti @ Barazzo (BO)
17.7 Giordano Grossi trio @ Tremosine (TN)
22.7 back at Veronica Marchi’s court in Valdagno (VI)
7.8 Michael Loesch’s Heroes in Dobbiaco (BZ)

Come say cheers!

© Emanuele Maniscalco

© Emanuele Maniscalco


Defero Deferring Toolilatumferre

In News, Things Done on giugno 5, 2016 at 8:47 pm


It takes time, I’m scannering  folders, recordings, sheets spread around every corner of this house.
Sometimes I get confused, sometimes it’s embarassing, sometimes it is not crap.

The only positive side of having little published music is  being surprised at how much intact music lies  in my archives. Maybe it has to do with  hysteria and the deferral of pleasure. Or only with the inability to play just decent guitar or  piano.

Eat The Worm : Men At Work

In News on marzo 22, 2016 at 11:39 pm

As you can see in the picture below, with Alfonso Santimone and Giulio Corini we have spent last two days listening to and mixing our almost recent Eat The Worm trio recording sessions. This means that, according to our slow pace and mercifullness of many and unknown gods, a first proper release will appear.

We hope you’ll be patient and catch it.
In the meantime we’ll try to finish the job, it shouldn’t be too hard, expecially considering we had great time, food and liquid blessings from Franco Testa the pourer.


Here the trio under strain

Here the trio under strain

Future Revival Release Tour (and more)

In News on febbraio 21, 2016 at 5:26 pm

Here are a few next gigs where we might meet soon, have a chat or a glass of wine or maybe of plain water.
Hope to see you there.

26.02.  SÄgewerk – Bad Hofgastein (A)


28.02.  Kulturwerkstaat – Sonthofen (D)

03.03. Cantina del Teatro – Soresina CR (I)

04.03. Jazz in Bess – Lugano (CH)

05.03. Carambolage – Bolzano (I)

06.03. TBA – Piacenza (I)

07.03. Il Torrione – Ferrara (I)

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