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Libero Motu Released On Vinyl and more

In New Releases on Maggio 15, 2015 at 11:00 am




Here above you can finally see new Libero Motu’s Future Revival album cover, the LP has been recently issued by Auand +El Gallo Rojo. I’ts a trio work led by Giulio Corini and I care much about them, both the work and the guy. You may purchase it  here : elgallorojorecords .
Meticolous pencil artwork  was made by Valerio Vidali, visual stablemate of the project.


I recomand also to take note about this new record coming out for Auand:

where, with Giacomo Papetti on Bass and Piero Bittolo Bon on alto saxophone, we play guitarist Paolo Bacchetta’s music on his awaited debut cd.

In these last days I’ve been recording some new music, I’m not going to tell anything more then what a pleasure it  can be making music together with friends, of course I already knew it but  in the spare time among recordings I also had the chance to remind how good it is listening to records on a sofa with your friends.
As that seems to happen quite rarely, I presume we use to talk too much.


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