Bar Tritolo reviewed on Kathodik

In Reviews on marzo 25, 2015 at 12:19 pm

in Italian here

or somehow translated into english here :

“Impetuously front , electric , fractured and limping in gait ( in  appearance ) . Obsessive wanderings , insistent repetitions , there is a buzz in my head and often a light / spot blurs my gaze. Afro- American action cells, metropolitan desolation / alienation, again that buzz in the head, in the dust tension lurks, and lands . On free sections framed in well-defined structures (a flapping like The Ex or Carbon of a time, not far off , El Toro , the urgency of Plot Device) . Static and swaying, dissolving under a moonlight (Svegliati, cazzo!) . Contemplating open and desert  spaces , not without visual footprint of some rusty carcass . Hard nailed in half-sleep on this fucking chair , something kraut burning in the crucible ( Rev Donut nr3 ) .”

(M. Carcasi – Kathodik)



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