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Libero Motu 3rd Chapter

In News, Things Done on gennaio 29, 2014 at 9:44 PM

January has gone attending last details on Bar Tritolo’s debut cd mix and playing some gigs with Bar Tritolo itself, Stefano Senni’s Eraserheads, and Patrizia Laquidara‘s band.
Plus, after five years since last time, the long time running trio Libero Motu, led by bassist Giulio Corini, has just spent this last day and 1/2 in studio recording some new music: Francesco Bigoni on sax and clarinet as needed.
Sotto il Mare Studio is a great place to work in and Luca Tacconi’s audio recording touch made it even better.
We put together some new compositions of ours and improvised a little lot, we hope to share this music with you soon.
Birthday is coming and I have a rare smile on my face, thank you buddies.

Here some pics.

coffee break with Luca

coffee break with Luca

Under The Sea (it's the name of the studio)

Under The Sea (it’s the name of the studio)


Francesco Bigoni – Nelide Bandello – Giulio Corini

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