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Bar Tritolo in studio

In News, Things Done on ottobre 30, 2013 at 9:17 pm

bar tritolo recording session2

I’m probably quoting the wrong song but against all odds (cancelled gigs, self locking car fuel doors, delayed trains, fires on the freeway…) the trio finally entered the recording studio and broiled some tracks.
Here you can see some evidences though you might be kind and wait a couple of extra months to be able to hear some of our music. In the picture below: Andrea Cajelli showing his time/space surfing skills. The guy has some talent.

bartritolo recording session1


New Record out: Helga Plankensteiner “Plankton”

In News on ottobre 11, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Recorded by Stefano Amerio in summer 2012 at Artesuono studio in Cavalicco (UD) this CD is now released by german label Jazzwerkstatt.
It features beautyfull compositions by the baritone sax player and singer Helga Plankensteiner and a real enjoyment attitude by the whole band. With Michael Loesch (organ, piano), Matthias Schriefl (trumpet), Gerhard Gschlosl (trombone) and Enrico Terragnoli (el. guitar, banjo).


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