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Summer Projects

In News on agosto 2, 2013 at 11:58 PM

Here there are a few news about what’s happening during this summer weeks:


We recently had a magic debut with bassist Giacomo Papetti’s new band Oltaploc. The sound is solid and Papetti’s compositions are fresh and original; we’ll be working on some more music in the next months, so stay tuned as it’s going to be great: Walter Beltrami is on guitar, Massimiliano Milesi on sax and Pasquale Mirra on vibes.


A new project just started out from the music of bass player Roberto Frassini Moneta, with Gabriele Mitelli on trumpet and  the precious Francesco Ganassin on bass clarinet. We play at Per Antiche Contrade Festival in Valle Imagna, inside a naturally reverbering Sacred Cave. Wow.


Giulio Corini’s long time trio, with me and Francesco Bigoni on saxophone and clarinet is going to tour on the highs during next weeks. We have always been sharing fun, music and friendship during last eight years and I’ve been looking forward for it to happen again, Now is finally the time. Hope to see you in the wilderness.


Don Pasta is an old good friend of mine and after a long time of ritual and unpredictable meetings here and there we happily found a chance to make a show togeher so we’ll share the stage, and of course nice food, at the Vegetarian Festival in Gorizia. Giulio Corini will play the doublebass and Alfonso Santimone the keyboard, dos hermanos del conjunto El Gallo Rojo.

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