Launching The New Laquidara’s Tour

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We’ve been spending last weeks rehearsing live arrangements for Patrizia Laquidara’s band, getting ready for the first hand of concerts in wich we are going to play her new album music and some oldies.
I’ll be with Daniele Santimone (guitars), Davide Repele (guitars), Stefano Dallaporta (bass) and Andrea Santini (keyboards and electronics).
It’s a joy to be a member of this new team, always sitting in the sweet spot behind Patrizia’s skinny back, catching her nuances, sights and steps and trying to match the overall souls balance. The thrill is always there and that’s what’s all about.
Come along! More concerts will be announced.

jan 25 Folk Club – Torino
feb 3  Auditorium Parco della Musica – Roma
feb 13 Bravo Caffè – Bologna
feb 24 CSC – San Vito di Leguzzano (VI)

Photo by Andrea Santini


Patrizia Laquidara’s New Album Is Out

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PAT Cover

I’ve been playing with Patrizia since 2007, more or less, and I have seen her performing under different and not always confortable circumstances.
We have shared pop songs, free explosions, silly dances, brazilian rythms and poetry, a deep journey into folk music and an amazing orchestral work, among other stuff. I know how she can catch something from an invisible place to create some sort of wand, just through her body and voice.
After a long waiting I’m very happy and proud to be a part of this new album just released. It took a great work both from her and pianist Alfonso Santimone, wizard of arrangements and passionate co-writer and mixer of this album. I hope I’ve been able to render some of their visions with my drums.

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Small Jazz Tour

In News on ottobre 10, 2018 at 5:37 pm

We start on friday and will go around for a few days, playing some jazz standards, some cool originals, some compositions of our own.
It’s me, my buddy Roberto Pianca on guitar, Lorenzo Conte on double bass and Glenn Zaleski on piano.
The almighty Pietro Tonolo will join us in Verona.
Try to catch us.

12.10 67 Jazz Club, Varese – ITALY
13.10 Al Vapore, Marghera – ITALY
14.10 Murec, Milan – ITALY
15.10 La Posa, Porlezza – ITALY
16.10 Cantine De L’Arena feat. Pietro Tonolo, Verona – ITALY
17.10 QL, Thiene – ITALY
18.10 Mad Dog Social Club, Turin – ITALY
19.10 Jazz In Bess, Lugano – SWITZERLAND

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