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Hey, it’s been a long time, let’s come out.

In these last months I’ve been home recording some music alone: sketches, small pieces, ideas as I always did. The only difference is this time I’m using something more than vocal memos on the phone (meaning zany Garage Band by the way) and I’m going to spread this music to friends.
All my band-no-leader projects are (temporarily?) shut down, picking up the guitar at night and playing whatever comes out has become my only creative burrow. I also resort to bass, some “voices”, drums or tiny percussions and cheap midi shit.
I’m not interested in re-playing parts that I lay down on the spot, to record a better version of them, almost everything will be quite unpolished, undeveloped and largely naif. But it’s what I’m  able to do, just the attempt to express my true simple pleasure of time spending and hopefully share it.
I feel if I’d change stuff to make it better I’d deny the meaning of time wich is to be there and disappear. Time would be meaningless, as it probably is, but I would not exist, yes, that scares me still.
I’ve exceptionally asked a couple of good friends help for extraordinary reasons, I’ll tell you more about it.
Let me know (privately) if you may be intrigued, I’ll print some very few copies.


Rocky Wood EP “Ok, No Wait” is out

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Well, time has come for our EP to officially come out, CD, LP and digital.
On The Camper Records is releasing it and we are very proud of it, it took some time and a lot of sorrow to shape it,  finish it, share it, but we guess you’ll like it as we do.
We dedicate this work to our beloved friend Cajo in the sky with sperm whales.
And goddamn is way too weak and formal.

Order the new EP “Ok, No Wait” on Vinyl/CD >>> HERE <<<

These are going to be our next shows:

  • Nov 01  Bar3000  – Zürich, Switzerland
  • Nov 02  Supersonic  – Paris, France
  • Nov 03 MDA – Tinqueux, France
  • Nov 04  Bar Le Grattoir  – Gerardmer, France
  • Nov 05  L’International  – Paris, France
  • Nov 07 Club Ambassador @ Secret Place – Verona, Italy
  • Nov 08  Twiggy Cafe  – Varese, Italy
  • Nov 09  Circolo Turba  – Lugano, Switzerland
  • Nov 10  MONO Bar  – Locarno, Switzerland
  • Nov 11  Mauz  – Einsiedeln, Switzerland
  • Nov 22  Studio 2 RSI Lugano/Besso  – Lugano, Switzerland
  • Nov 23  Radio RSF 3 – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Nov 24  Bad Bonn – Düdingen, Switzerland




El Gallo Rojo Disbands

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With 12 years of history and 70 albums, El Gallo Rojo collective represents – even across the Italian border – a virtuous example of artistic self-management. It has fostered human and musical interactions, hosting courageous musical works, exposing a non-mannerist creative jazz scene and gathering significant approval from critics, musical peers and audience. It has channelled a colourful and free scene, otherwise confined by an Italian music market which is often fossilized on its own certainties.

Now El Gallo Rojo disbands and this experience comes to an end. We are very proud of our common path and of the tracks we have left. A heartfelt thanks to them who have supported and followed us in all these years. We will surely meet again, confronting the unknowns of the future with the usual curiosity.
Our catalogue stays available digitally (on Please get in touch with the single artist if you want physical copies.

Nelide Bandello
Francesco Bigoni
Piero Bittolo Bon
Giulio Corini
Zeno De Rossi
Danilo Gallo
Alfonso Santimone
Stefano Senni
Dimitri Sillato
Massimiliano Sorrentini
Achille Succi
Enrico TerragnoliEGR.jpg

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