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For the last fifteen years or so, me, genious guitarist Enrico Terragnoli and bassist Giulio Corini have used to manage some trio gigs, meet here and there to spend some time together, play some jazz tunes and have fun. The repertoire often included some old tunes Enrico wrote many years ago.
It was Giulio’s idea of recruiting Roberto Soggetti, wonderful piano player he often plays with, and give a new shot to that music.
No sooner said than done. It has been a beautyful morning in the recording studio and
we have just released this new record that you may easily get on Giulio’s Bandcamp page, here’s the link.

Released July 9, 2022

Enrico Terragnoli: guitar
Roberto Soggetti: piano
Giulio Corini: bass
Nelide Bandello: drums

All songs by Enrico Terragnoli except Alone Together by Arthur Schwartz/Howard Dietz and Donna Lee by Charlie Parker

Recorded at Monolith Studio june 23 2022 by Michele Marelli
Mixed by Enrico Terragnoli
Artwork by Enrico Terragnoli

Mood Ellington

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I’ve joined Paolo Bacchetta and Giacomo Papetti in this trio project about Duke’s music a handful of years ago, since then we’ve been playing on and off. We share love for Ellington’s compositions, meaning and sound style and we try to be as honest as we can paying him our tribute, this means without any doubt a betrayal we are aware of.
In the video I’m sharing we were recording our version of Black and Tan Fantasy at AltreFrequenze studio in Brescia, during a short visit at the studio a couple of weeks ago, after a long and quite tough year in wich we never had the freedom to meet and play. I hope you’ll like it, of course we are available for your party in the swimming pool.

Animor Live @ Confederation Music Sessions

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Animor is the Swiss singer-songwriter Romina Kalsi and the Scandinavian pianist Tobias Granbacka project. A sweet and extraordinary voice, poised between the earthly world and that of the dream. Melancholy, velvety but vigorous, Romina’s voice is worth more than half of any song she chooses to sing. Refined acoustic pop and great melodies.
It’s a pleasure being in it after me and Romina have shared the breathtaking and prematurely closed experience of Rocky Wood.
On stage Tobias Granbacka: piano, Joel M Isaksson: guitar and Eveline Lucchini on bass.
Thaks to Marco Kohler and the first class Staff.
Full video is available on RSI Musica Youtube channel, you may enjoy it following the link below.

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