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Happy to announce the release on cd and vinyl, for the danish label Gotta Let It Out, of the beloved trio høbama, with Emanuele Maniscalco and Claus Højensgård Andersen. We’ve been blessed recording at the ALPHA DEPT. recording studio in Bologna with the very fine Pierluigi Ballarin (Unnecessary Recordings) and we’re proud of the sound he shaped in a so short time (very short) realistic though still creative.  You may find this music on digital too but it might be better looking for one of the upcoming shows (september 19th in Verona!) come by  to say hallo, enjoy and get a vinyl.  Cover artwork is such a wolverine delight.
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My first CD “De Ludo” is out!

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“Talking about game/fun” is what the title “De ludo” means, in Latin. I’ve been playing, in the childish sense of the word, alone at my place in winter and spring nights and this music is what sorted out, sketches without any presumption. Simple as that.
In one of my dialects this title recalls Emptyness because this is what playing alone takes.

Here there are credits for what has been recorded and who helped me making it possible.
I deeply thank Giancarlo Bianchetti (who added many ideas on  the track “Electric Condon”), Valentina Messa, Martino De Franceschi, the visionary Giovanni Ferrario and the disguised king Enrico Terragnoli for their kind help, love and commitment; I’m grateful to Massimiliano Sorrentini for the (as usual) amazing artwork he has drawn for me.
A few objective CDs have been printed for feticists as me and music old fashion lovers, you may write to this page (or FB) to ask me for a copy; anyway digital download is available for all others at the link below.

The CD tracklist displays a 17th tune “Sul levriero” (about/riding a greyhound) wich is not actually there: the dog escaped and it is now running free somewhere into the wild.
Only on digital release we hardly managed to get a footprint of it: you know, those dogs are formidable runners.

I set a very friendly price for the whole digital album so, please, if you like it, buy it, it helps cost covering and decreases the amount of drugs needed to keep doing this.

finale_interno copia

First single, last track

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The sadness of a slave dog.
“Sul levriero” is the missing track of the new 17-1 tracks CD “De ludo”.
Coming  very soon.

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