Patrizia Laquidara, new shows coming soon.

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I’m usually quite disappointed at my performances, expecially when  music is recorded and I have the chance to listen back to it and complain for my choices or anything else. But I have to admit there are some songs in Patrizia’s last record I’m particularly glad of, I wouldn’t use the word “proud” because I think the result has less to deal with my credit than with the human and musical environement in wich those performances happened.  Sometimes my feeling about those songs has something to do with the bitter taste they have, or the groove that I really enjoy, or the arrangement, or the meaning…
One of these tunes is Sopravvissuti, for sure and for all the reasons listed above.
This is the official video:

This said, we had a great time in the concerts we have played in the first part of the record promotion tour and we are getting ready to hit the road again for  next summer gigs so I put here a short extract of what we have experienced so far, to share with you all and invite you to come and listen and see her.


Follow the link
to see our next summer shows agenda.


a Mahler-Project by Michael Lösch

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Very lucky to be part of Sweet Alps Orchestra – “Heroes: quando i soldati marciano” a Mahler-Project by Michael Lösch. Sweet Alps Jazz Orchestra presents a suite composed of praphrases of Gustav Maher’s songs about lifes of soldiers. “Revelge”, “Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen”, “Der Tambourg’sell” and “Schildwaches Nachtlied” are re-elaborated and merged displaying the more contemporary aspects of advanced harmonies and complexed rythms  of the great composer.
May 5th @ Tenuta Rosengarten Lana, ore 18.00.

Fulvio Sigurtà_trumpet
Michele Polga_saxophones
Helga Plankensteiner_baritone sax
Vince Abbracciante_accordeon
Michael Lösch_piano
Stefano Colpi_bass
Enrico Merlin_live electronics
Nelide Bandello_drums

Giorgio Gobbo “Nettare dell’estate”

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Some weeks ago Azzurra Music has released the new Giorgio Gobbo’s album.
I’ve been happily involved in its making for a few tracks along with Stefano Dallaporta on bass.
Giorgio, formerly known for his work with Piccola bottega Baltazar, is a very strong and authentic performer, each single time he has played one of these songs for rehearsale or later in the studio he delivered a perfect and very intense take. The whole staff, composed by Carlo Carcano and Max Trisotto was amazing both for human feel and competence.
Give a ear and buy this music at
and if you have the chance just go to a real concert. It’s even better.

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